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White Corridor


The Artist’s Museum, Lodz, Poland

Corridor restored with plaster and paint. With computer generated sound.

Identity in Place? (monograph), Cristina Crossingham

“In 1996 during a group residency at The Artist’s Museum in Lodz, Poland, Aoyagi worked within a derelict building. For ‘White Corridor’ she renovated and painted a long narrow corridor to bring it’s form into focus. Shafts of daylight reached through open doors to suffuse the pure white space with the reflected green of the trees outside. ‘Human Voice’, a computer generated soundtrack made in collaboration with John Thorne, added a further sensory dimension to the newly sensitised place.

Time limited projects like this one can be problematic for an artist who seeks a profundity of understanding before deciding what intervention would be appropriate. With the move beyond the notion of ‘art as commodity’ fabricated in a studio and exhibited in a gallery,  a new ‘commodification of production’ has arrived and with it, a pressure to produce a sequence of works to meet organisational deadlines. Aoyagi does not easily succumb to this mode of practice, her resolution for each new situation follows the process of a painstaking actualisation of thought. When her response takes on visual form in her mind, the work comes into sight like a ship on the horizon. Only then does she consider the technical aspects of realising the piece.”