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Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff, UK

Strip lights individually controlled by computer

Cyfrwng, Media Wales Journal (review), Aparna Sharma

“The inside-outside disparity and the possibility of their interconnectedness is a common thread through most of her work. The installation space and its juxtaposition with the outside is almost like a metonymic register through which the intuitive and silent inside or being is contested with the active and noise-laden outside of the social and constructed. In this process, Reiko very subtly diverges from the familiar and oversimplified nature-culture distinction. Her work does not hold the inner and outer as fully antithetical or simply oppositional. Their relation is dialogic. It is the mutual implication of each in the other that comprises the moment of engagement for Reiko. Ultimately her work tends towards transcendence of the outside, or the conceptual, and allows the viewer that fundamental and raw inhabitation of energy that is common to the natural elements generally, and those within the installation space particularly.

The sense of the outside does not depart instantly from the viewer as s/he enters the installation space. It only slowly recedes without fully disappearing. It is pertinent to bear that while Reiko's tendency for minimalism in design is an attempt towards containing the inside space, thematically and experientially the inside is never fully contained and its clear spacial definition in comparison to the outside, only contributes towards setting up an exchange between the two, materialised in the viewer.”