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Transparent ll


Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, Wales, UK

Programmed moving light

Identity in place? ( monograph), Cristina Crossingham

“As part of the Japan 2001 season, ‘Transparent ll‘ was commissioned by Oriel Mostyn in Llandudno on the coast of North Wales. Llandudno is a peaceful resort where the natural light has a cool translucence. The elegantly proportioned Victorian gallery is L shaped with moulded plasterwork and lantern windows above the coved ceiling. Aoyagi integrated the dynamic of the gallery's complex interior into a work with an exuberant atmosphere, in strong contrast to the tranquility of the town outside. The artist abandoned her pursuit of precision for a piece which intentionally lacked the perfection and 'distance' of previous work.

Oriel Mostyn was transformed into a sea of velvety darkness. Moving coloured shapes were projected into the space in a computer controlled sequence with the slow rhythm of breathing. Intense light of many colours punctured the darkness in all directions, animating different areas of wall or floor as the light projector rotated.  Often the projection was distorted by a corner or by the conjunction of wall and floor reminding the viewer of the period detail of the gallery’s interior. By standing where the light fell and looking up at it's source, the beams appeared to have enveloping substance offering an almost physical experience. This work evoked the human condition of a calm exterior cloaking the drama within.”