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Transmission B


Exchange Place, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Laser and smoke

Identity in place? (monograph), Cristina Crossingham

“Simultaneously, in the nearby alleyway at Exchange Place, she installed ‘Transmission B’. This work consisted of a single red laser beam the light from which was made visible by clouds of smoke. Even in daylight this drab passage was dark and few people used it; in the past it had been the scene of violence. The intention was to energise the area and focus on positivity and lightness and thus to dispel the inner darkness that follows violence.  The political dialogue in Belfast perhaps demands a contribution beyond the limits of the spoken word. These pieces took the form of a suggestion rather than a statement, a sensation rather than an aesthetic spectacle. As Robert Irwin said, “The intention of a phenomenal art is simply the gift of seeing a little more today than you did yesterday”