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Transmission A


Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Water, polythene and wood

The Irish Times (review), Aidan Dunne

“The most industrious venue is the tireless Catalyst Arts collective, tucked down the alley of Exchange Place off Donegal Street. Besides its regular live art weekend, Catalyst is currently hosting the travelling, mixed-media Ireland-Slovenia artists’ exchange exhibition, Art From the Ruck-sack. But Catalyst’s highlight has to be Japanese-born, Cardiff-based artist Reiko Aoyagi’s site-specific installation at Templecourt nearby. Taking over the vacant, open-plan ground floor of an office building, Reiko simply created shallow pools with water and plastic sheeting dammed with lengths of wood, so that the flooded floor reflects the constantly changing light from outside. When I was there, the fading afternoon light, reflected in the expansive space, together with the distant murmur of traffic and voices, engendered a distinctly Tarkovsky-like melancholy. It is a simple, very effective piece of work.”

Identity in place? (monograph), Cristina Crossingham

“‘Transmission A’ 1999 was sited in the bare concrete structure of an unfinished shop unit in Belfast. Aoyagi flooded the floor area creating a reflective surface to engage passers-by in reverie. The pressure of water on a sheet of clear polythene beneath, revealed the texture of the concrete introducing a visual tension. The notion of connectivity was suggested by the apparent unity of the water with the surface of the concrete. The mirroring of structure, windows and street life, imported a drama to the barren interior space.”