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Landscape of Light


Duratran, LED lightbox

90 x 65 cm

Lightbox Installation

In this work I have used stones as metaphor exploring a way to deal with the hard reality in our personal lives and also in our society.  It’s common to encounter all sorts of walls in our existence, which are personal and psychological.  In outer world we increasingly face externalized walls in society, which can be very diverse.

Metaphorically I feel tackling those walls is like permeating hard stones.  In this way I experience more connected space and time filled with light.  This may be because stones and rocks are the skeletons of the earth.  I am interested in searching more fluid space and time through the bones. This is an agenda connecting my work with big issues of this 21st Century.

Further in this process I have taken macro photographs of colour images of stones.  I have also taken microscopic photographs attaching a camera to a microscope, which allows me to go deeper into a micro world, allowing me to make a journey touching and sculpting a stone through my lens of perception, bringing subjective and objective together.

I then reverse the images formed to create colour negatives that I combine with lightboxes.  In the moment of flipping, magic happens. The very same images are released into a vast space and time filled with light.  Light is intensified by the use of lightboxes.

Moving through the rough textures of hard heavy stones, finer and softer textures start to appear in what has become a vast landscape of light.  I see rock as light condensed in space/time. This is a landscape in which consciousness extends and that hardness is felt to be healed. R.A.