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Landscape of Light / Darkness


Duratran, LED lightbox

90 x 65 cm

Lightbox Installation

In a sense my work is like a diary, reflecting events happening within myself and also the surrounding world where I live. I have tried to find a way in which I can relate to the present world through the work.

We have had the pandemic of Covid-19 viruses globally in 2020. Each one of our lives on earth has been threatened by it and has been forced to adapt to an unprecedentedly restricted life. This situation has inevitably made people realise the acute vulnerability of human beings and environment.

I have taken up bones in this work to examine the vulnerable position of human beings and their relationship to nature. Bones are the structures of our physicality and the last resilience to a hard reality.  Bones also hold memory. Looking at them closely, I have wanted to explore how they are related to the time/space of cosmos.

I have taken microscopic photographs of bones to see their minute details. The further I go into the micro world, the more I start to see the scattered fragile images having rough grains. This is also an act of looking for a connection to a macro world simultaneously. I have then reversed images to create colour negatives combining these images with lightboxes allowing me to explore the close relationship between bones and cosmos, beyond the visible.

Transformation from positive images to negative images also allows me to explore the time/space elements in the unconscious that is often seen in dreams. Time/space factor reveals embedded collective memories of the past, which contain future as well. Triad of past, present and future becomes confluent on the same plane unifying those three in the One.

Through lightbox installation, I have intended to create a space/ time in which viewers can experience the flowing energy and vibration supported by light and darkness. R.A.