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Light within the Veins of Consciousness


Toki Art Space, Tokyo, Japan

Duratran, LED lightbox

90 x 65 cm

Lightbox installation

Through my work in recent years I have been dealing with the experience of a person’s death. In this same light I have also wanted to consider my own dying. This has led me to examine the universal phenomenon of consciousness. I have begun to see how any plant as a structure of consciousness born of light relates to the transient processes of space and time.

I took macro photographs of greenery including plants and vegetables within my environment, converting them into colour negatives by putting them into light boxes. Through this transformation of raw materials I perceived their hidden world, and then explored the passing of space and time created by the installation.

When making detailed drawing of a plant, I realised that the structure of veins in the leaves had a connection with the structure of the universe. This is well described in the poem by William Blake saying that in a grain of sand, one can see the whole world hidden. Trying to envisage myself in this world, it seemed natural to use familiar living plant material as a mirror. Particles of light slowly vibrate and flow in the plant that becomes enlivened with the fundamental life force.

Small fibre thread veins can be seen over-lapped with the image of human consciousness that is felt, stretching like a net. The confluence of space and time show how the past with vividly living distance memory, the present, which is full of conflict, and the future filled with premonition meet together.

The structure of veins can also be seen as a template containing the plant’s equivalent of DNA that has infinite possibilities. Various types of fibrous structures exist in the plant’s world just as all kinds of DNA exist in those human templates which define our own characteristics. The mirroring of macrocosm in microcosm becomes increasingly obvious. This fluid world of possibility can also be seen in the patterns underlying human reality that is divided by religion, race, gender, and nation. In the diversity of persons within our present world, as in the plant, the confrontation born of such diversity is loosened, and the connection is found. R.A.