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Cell Cosmos


Duratran, LED lightbox

90 x 65 cm

In taking up the micro world of plants for this work, I have explored the numinous space and time beyond the material world. This commitment came to me when through the detailed observation and drawing of plants I was introduced to the notion of the universe. I found the plants have some analogy with human bodies and classical natural elements. The plants have above all been chosen because they embody light and life force.

In that plants embody this life force, I’ve wanted to transmit some of this feeling through the use of the lightbox and the black and white negative and its transparency. Each lightbox piece aims for a different quality and is intended to relate to each other within space.

The range of grey in the negatives is the spectrum of life’s colour. Light provides the energy of life, movement and flow. It is in the substance of the plant that using the macro lens I have tried to enter that space where energy streams through. As such one hopes to give syntheses to a sense of the internal and external, the individual and the universal. R.A.