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Museum of Lost Heritage, Window, Birmingham, U.K.

64 white LEDs programmed to create a series of slow moving sequences.

Salvage Documentation Transformation (catalogue)

MoLH Window, Reiko Aoyagi

“I explore the ways in which people who are culturally and individually different may communicate in our complex contemporary life. In my search for a potential dialogue, I transform spaces or places to create a new fluid space filled with the fundamental energy of the classical natural elements - air, fire, earth and water.

The site of the Former Science Museum, located on the corner of the Jewellery Quarter, has strong historical elements. It also has quiet interface with the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal. This nostalgic atmosphere naturally evokes an idea of microcosm. The image of the site overlaps with the image of the vast universe. For the temporary work in the window box adjacent to 144 Newhall Street, I used 64 LED lamps programmed to create a sequence of movement. Light is life. Light is ancient and modern. Small dotted lights also recall the image of jewellery. The site is in a process of transformation and lights witness and celebrate this changing moment - breathing and flowing in the darkness.”