R E I K O  A O Y A G I

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Taki Art Space, Tokyo, Japan

Duratran, LED lightbox

90 x 65 cm, 47.5 x 34.5 cm

Lightbox installation

Exploring the possibilities of communication amongst different cultures and people has been my concern for a long time. The fluid and interconnected nature of the elemental world seems to offer more possibility to communicate closely especially in the complex contemporary world.

Personal experiences including the death of my partner have led me to explore the numinous space and time beyond this transient material world. I’m particularly interested in that light which can absorb the dark giving us consciousness, energy and life force.

I began with negative films and old photographs progressing to light boxes because they provide transparency. Images within dark negatives have suggested to me the extreme point of being that I see as convergency, allowing for unity and diversity as a modern mystery. This is where being encounters light and is supported by it.

I have intended to create this transformed space in which viewers can feel the consciousness expanding. R.A.